To enjoy a pure moment of freedom, enjoy our treatments (on demand) and book your moment of happiness:


  • Relaxing essential oil massages : 30mn for 55 € ; 1 hour for 75 € ; 1h30 for 100€
  • Sweety massage : 30mn for 55 € ; 1 hour for 75 € ; 1h30 for 100€
  • Hot Stones massage : 30mn for 55 € ; 1 hour for 85 € ; 1h30 for 105€
  • Ayurvedic massage : 1 hour for 85 € ; 1h30 for 105€
  • Plantar reflexologie (foot massage) : 30mn for 55 €
  • Neck, visage and KOBIDO scalp massage : 30mn for 55 € ; – 1 hour for 75 €

Tui Na or Dien Chan techniques can complete the massage sessions to relieve pain, tendonitis, torticollis, low back pain …


Welcome to the universe of Bio Altearah « Emotive Cosmetics », a synergy of aromatherapy, chromotherapy and olfactotherapy to share a unik sensitive experience : 1 color = 1 mood


Emotive Colors Massage


Emotive Colors Massage

« Custom tailored » personalized Massage with the color-test. With Bio Altearah, my body recovers colors, and my mood is in good shape.


Energy Massage Royal Purple

With the Royal Purple, I resource and I regenerate my vital energy.

Recommanded for low back pain and articular pains.


Oxygen Massage Emerald

With the Emerald, I oxygen my body and my mind. This relaxing massage surrounds you in a protective and revitalising energy


Serenity Massage Turquoise

With the Turquoise I learn to let go, I relax muscles and calm me. Recommended for calming the mind and recovering from physical activities.


Signature Massage by « Anahata Massage »

Full body care with the combine of a guided relaxation session (30 minutes) and Body massage (60 minutes) for an energy bodies line up and a deep relaxation.


Balinese Massage

This Traditionnal Indian massage is paired with gentle traditional Thai pulling and stretching movements.


Ayurvedic Massage

This tonifying treatment will boost your energy


Body and facial treatments

« Detox » Treatment

Your skin will be toned and silky thanks to the detoxifying properties of this body scrub following by a body wrap and a tonic or relaxing massage.

Body scrub Himalayan Salt

Body Wrap Essentiel Oils

Tonic or relax Massage

Skin care « Clarity »

This facial treatment restores skin radiance and suppleness. Real moment of relaxation, this treatment is paired with a head skin massage.