The Apartments


On the 2nd floor, you access to a country-style suite with exposed roofing frameworks made with wooden elements from the domain. You may do as pleased with this Extreme Suite. All three bedrooms are equipped with two 90X200 cm beds which we can change to king size beds on demand.

First, the comfortable 60 m2 « Marcel Cerdan » room allows you to start your sports tour imagining you are the athlete you always dreamed. From the three windows, you have a view over a 12th century church and the Chateau’s courtyard.

After effort comes comfort. In the spacious bathroom offering a wide view on the park, you may relax in the freestanding bathtub or in the Italian shower.

Then, walking down the hallway you will find the “Jonny Wilkinson”room. How pleasant to pursue your tour with another discipline as you experience the 39 m2 room with its private bathroom, Italian shower and park view.

One can do more but also less… In order to find the “Jean-Claude Killy” room, you will need to go down one of the Chateau’s passageway refitted as a terrace overhanging the domain with a 180 degrees view.

Within the walls of this comfortable 57 m2 room you may enjoy a view over the park and perhaps even a fresh breeze gently swaying you into a day dream.

Private bathroom with bath and Italian shower.

The choice is yours to make to best meet your requirements with one or two rooms.

Cerdan/ Wilkinson Room price: 350 € (VAT included), 10% off as of the 4th night.
Cerdan/Wilkinson/Killy Room price: 540 € (VAT included), 10% off as of the 4th night.

NB : For hygiene reasons, animals are not admitted.