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At the edge of the Gard area garigue and the Cevennes, the Château de St-Félix-de-Pallières now stands on the site of a former Roman villa: The“San Felicia Villa” .

The non-ferrous mines —which the Romans were already aware of—were operated until 1970.

The village of Saint-Félix-de-Pallières is home to the 12th century castle and was refurbished in 1919.

It was originally standing as a seigneury but burned down in 1702, during religious wars and in 1793 during the French Revolution.

Adjoining the Chateau was a Roman church. Formerly known as the “Villa Santi Felici”church, it will become the Chateau’s chapel.

The Chateau spans four stories and was renovated in 1999 with due regard to the site offering 970 m2 of living space. In this day and age, it is an elegant countryside Chateau.

The ditches and drawbridge may have disappeared but left an undeniable trace which is still perceptible through the existing chimney, ground floor bread oven and round tower overlooking the domain.

The latest arrangements, conducted in 2014, include the creation of a Spa which offer clients well-being in a privileged environment

You have the possibility to live a dream and add spice to your life, so come and dream!