Nous n’héritons pas de la Terre de nos parents, nous l’empruntons à nos enfants !

Our concern to preserve this exceptional environment is reflected in :

  • Our heating and water heating systems are provided by a wood powered boiler from the forest in our domain. A specific program ensures the sustainable development of our lands.
  • Managing our rubbish is a priority. Composting our organic wastes (kitchen, garden and forest) enables us to create a precious ferment which we then use to fertilize our crop.
  • The products we serve at our table d’hôte come from either our vegetable garden which is irrigated by a well drilling or local producers which we know about the production processes.
  • Cosmetic products made available in our rooms are natural milk-based products.
  • Laundry Service is provided by a local craftsperson laureate for the Eco-innovation Trophy.